Finally some time for cooking!


So for my day off I’d planned to spend it doing a reasonable amount of cooking. However, by the time I’d watched a deliciously cheesy film with my housemate and fought the traffic to get to the supermarket and back, I’d run out of time. Especially as I’d chosen quite a labour-intensive meal to cook for dinner: coq au vin. Stupidly I didn’t read the recipe properly so didn’t note the “marinate for several hours; ideally overnight” line in advance. My chicken got a grand total of about half an hour i.e. the time it took me to peel a bag of shallots. If anyone knows of a speedy way to peel those little buggers then please tell me!! Despite the meagre amount of chicken marinating time the finished article actually turned out pretty tasty, AND as it’s another Hairy Dieters recipe, it was pretty trim on calories too – bonus!


All ready to be simmered! Think I need a bigger pot…

All ready to munch

Ready to munch

It's a little on the saucy side! Perfect with some nice bread to mop it all up

It’s a little on the saucy side! Perfect with some nice bread to mop it all up

Packaged up to keep me going for the week!

Packaged up to keep me going for the week!

One of the other recipes I’d planned to make on Monday was an aubergine tagine with bulgur wheat pilaf to last me for a couple of lunches. As I ran out of time I made it on Tuesday instead, with some slight adjustment of the recipe as I’m not a fan of fruit in savoury meals…so I essentially made it not a tagine! I love having a yummy lunch to look forward to when I’m having a busy morning, or even if I’m not! I had been running out of lunch ideas recently so I invested in a cookbook I’d read about in my Good Food magazine: Liven Up Your Lunchbox by James Ramsden. This is another book I can definitely recommend – it’s got a great variety of recipes from novel sandwich ideas to ones using Sunday roast leftovers to noodles with flavour “shot pots” that just require pouring over boiling water and dinner ideas that can be turned into a delicious lunch for the next day. I’ve also cooked the sweet potato and lentil curry from the book so far and it was delicious!


The third recipe I’d decided on for Monday was some ginger biscuits (also from the new Hairy Dieters book – are you seeing I’m a bit of a creature of habit yet?!) but they’re still waiting patiently to be made…

Tonight I made one of my favourite meals – pasta with anything and everything I have chucked in. Tonight I needed to use the half can of chopped tomatoes I had leftover from the tagine, so I simmered that down with some red wine I had for the coq au vin (the only reason there’s spare wine is because I’m a white wine drinker, otherwise it’d have been guzzled up long before today), added some frozen prawns and edamame beans from the freezer, chopped red pepper, fresh thyme (also from the coq) and a load of dried herbs too – and voila I had myself a yummy pasta dish! I topped it with some red leicester (yes I know cheese and seafood aren’t meant to go but this is why I could never be a chef!) and olive oil, and then had to pace myself so I didn’t hoover it up too quickly!

Mish mash worked out ok!

Mish mash worked out ok!

Only one more day at work until the weekend which I couldn’t be more glad about – this week feels like it’s gone on FOREVER despite me having Monday off. Maybe it’s because the boy is coming to visit and I’ll be able to just relax for 2 whole days. Tomorrow is going to be stressful though – Fridays are always busy plus we’re down two doctors on the ward so it will be manic but we’ll muddle through I’m sure! I hope everyone has a great weekend and happy halloween if that’s something you celebrate.



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