The beginning…


Hello and welcome to anyone reading this!

As the name suggests I’d class myself as a bit of a foodie but nowadays this is somewhat held back by my insanely long work hours. I work as a doctor in a busy hospital in the South East and the last thing I feel like doing when I get home is cooking anything elaborate, if anything at all. Throw into the mix having to work a couple of weekends a month and trying to see loved ones once in a while, it’s no surprise my diet has become a bit of a shambles. Part of me longs for my student days when I’d have hours to spend hunting through cookbooks for recipe ideas and browsing the supermarket for ingredients before cooking up a storm. Saying that, a large part of me appreciates finally having an income, albeit if I don’t have any time to spend it (except for some cheeky online shopping!).

So I’ve decided to start a blog to try to encourage myself to keep up with creating yummy food and maybe share some stories of my crazy medical life along the way. I’m lucky to have a reasonably-sized kitchen to cook in and I’ve built up a reasonable supply of kitchen gizmos, it’s just our temperamental dodgy gas oven to contend with!

At the moment I’ve just finished a week of night shifts and my body clock is well and truly switched into nocturnalism. So much so that I didn’t sleep a wink last night, resulting in a very zombie-like state today (and the creation of a wedding pinterest board – I finally gave in!). Quite justifiably, I feel, the day was spent in my onesie watching chick flicks, but I still managed to cook up a few bits and pieces.

I went into the kitchen to make breakfast this morning and came across a slightly over-ripe avocado that I purchased way back before my night shifts started. So to use it up I threw together a simple but tasty (if I do say so myself) brekkie of a wholemeal bagel with avocado and a fried egg. I think presentation and food photography are definitely things I need to work on as you can see below!


For dinner I needed simplicity so it was a cheesy pasta bake that I could just bung in the oven whilst I made my malted chocolate chip cookies. Except they didn’t end up being malted since the powder was dried into one lump in the pot and was beyond salvage…so the malt powder was exchanged for cocoa powder and they became double chocolate cookies! The quantities were a bit out though as the recipe called for a brief knead of the dough and to roll it into balls – there was no way mine was kneadable or rollable, it ended up being dolloped onto the baking sheet. They turned out edible though (except the ones which were a bit burnt around the edges but shhh pretend you didn’t hear that!!), if a little uneven in shape. The recipe was adapted from the September issue of Good Food magazine and I can post it up if anyone wants it.



So that’s my first post done, I’m off to go watch X factor (shameful, I know but it’s just such easy viewing!) with a glass of wine before having an early night. Tomorrow I’m off to London to see the boy, have a wander probably around a food market, and cook him something nice for dinner. I shall report back with photos!

Over and out,



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